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Counterpoint- Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Package

Welcome to the Counterpoint, the University of Chicago’s student-led conservative quarterly! We are formally launching this new website, where we will make our publications available as a PDF for all to see. In the future, we hope to move to a more interactive and developed site so as to have our articles posted individually and available for comment and sharing via social media. In the meantime, feel free to check out our latest issue and, should you be interested in writing for us in the future, contact us at

Below you can find a list of the articles featured in the Winter 2013 Issue.


Battling for Baseball: Where the National Pastime Has Been and Where It’s Going
       by Benjamin Silver

The Myth of the Obama Doctrine: The Dangers of Unprincipled, Paradoxical Leadership
       by Jonathan Godoy

Start Stop and Frisk: Why Chicago Should Adopt Prudent Measures to Combat Crime
       by Nicholas Saffran

Expanding the America Dream: Toward a Better Immigration System
       by Jeremy Sawyer

A Symposium on the 10th Anniversary of the War in Iraq

On Maintaining America’s Global Influence
       by Ramon Lopez

On the Achievements of the War in Iraq
       by Alexander Sarratelli

On the Movement Towards Multilateral Action
       by Eric Wessan

On Neo-Conservatism and Popular Sovereignty
       by Benjamin Silver

On the Surge and Political Courage
       by Jeremy Sawyer

On Changes in the Conduct of War
       by Jonathan Godoy


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